Sinning Again


Pages: 270


Leaving Lox Ridge and moving to another town with the vampire who destroyed her life was never going to be easy for Lissa.

The new move was their chance to start afresh, absent the secrets that once plagued their relationship. But forgiving and forgetting, Lissa soon realizes, won’t happen overnight. Her love for Jean simply can’t fix everything. As the couple drift apart, Lissa welcomes this new chance to find herself, to discover who she is without Jean’s influence over her life.

When a new girl enters the picture, things get even more complicated. She’s the distraction Lissa needs; she’s nothing like Jean, and she challenges her in a way Jean never has.

But sometimes the grass isn’t just greener on the other side, it’s also more dangerous. And in finding herself, Lissa might lose everything.

Sinning Again is the second book in the Beautiful Sin Saga.


All books in the series (in order):

My Beautiful Sin

Sinning Again

Sinning Forever


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