Out of Service – Service Girl Chronicles 3


Pages: 132


Following her bust-up with the people she loves, Erica is left picking up the pieces of her broken heart. London and drama school were once her sanctuary, but while there, she makes a startling decision and heads back to Chicago with a new objective.

Determined to make a success of herself, she reaches out to one of her favorite clients for help. She’ll need to work her butt off, literally, in order to finance her brand new venture. This means one final stint as an escort, something she’s more than happy to do.

When the opportunity to make amends with her estranged friends and family comes along, she’s prepared to take it. The chance to start afresh with someone unexpected might also be on the cards, but first she’ll have to get over Dana, once and for all. Which proves difficult, not just because they keep bumping into each other, but because it’s no longer clear who can’t keep away from whom…


All books in the series (in order):

At her Service

Back in Service

Out of Service

After Service


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